• Strong fish, strong hooks, strong lure, strong line, strong reel, strong split rings and strong man are useless for a strong fish without a strong rod. Keebow rods are designed with the word "strong" in the designer's mind.


  • The admin of this page is not going to talk much about this photo. This man is always lucky whenever he uses that particular prototype MARS Somasi 70RH to fish.


  • We always believe by not letting the hooks being swallowed is one of the important factors to decrease the chances of mortality in catch and release. That split second decision to set the hook fast and firm when you feel the soft plastic is inside the mouth and hasn't been swallowed is important to increase the chances of hooking the mouth or lips. You need the rod to help you to achieve this.


  • Om Pen with another toman with his MARS Somasi 70RH


  • Mr NEVER STOP CASTING has been landing pikes after pikes recently. The pike in this photo was one of the pikes landed with MARS Somasi 70RH. Anyone who wants to know how this rod performs for pike fishing, Martin is the best person to answer your questions.


  • Besides top water and soft plastics, swimbaits are also Golden's favorite lures for Chinese sea bass. He doesn't only use MARS Somasi 70RH for sea bass but for almost any fish he targets.


  • This giant snakehead master again. This time it's a 7kg specimen. He has got MARS Somasi 70RH for only 2 months and he is making full use of it.


  • Wei was holding a good size yellowcheek carp landed with MARS Somasi 70RH


  • Martin, the angler who NEVER STOP CASTING was holding MARS Kayu 71RFX that helped him landing a good size northern pike.


  • When he doesn't go for an overseas trip, he fishes locally. His mind is always fish, fish and fish. This giant Chinese sea bass was subdued with MARS Somasi 70RH.