• This yellowcheek carp is the biggest caught by another person other than Gong Lei at Gong Lei's home ground. He made the right choice using MARS Kayu 71RFX to hunt his record fish.


  • Some call it fluke, some call it jerkbait. When thick gauge heavy duty hooks are used, you need a rod that can help you to penetrate those hooks nicely.


  • Pacu on KEEBOW rod. #Somasi70RH


  • This cichla temensis was among hundreds of the same species caught by Gong Lei while he was on his rod testing trip. Now he is back and we are going to be very busy fine tuning the prototype rods.


  • Another awesome catch by Om Pen. The direct translation of what he told us was, " I don't know what shit this fat bastard ate. Look at the belly. MARS Somasi hebat!" Pardon the language. Lol!


  • Gong Lei brought the whole series of MARS series (including the prototypes). More than 300 large mouth bass with a good number of big fish landed by him this time.


  • We started to admire this man's toman fishing skill when he demonstrated to us "1 cast 1 fish" on the day when all the others couldn't get a single bite.


  • Any yellowcheek carp caught during off seasons is an achievement.


  • While some of our team members were fishing in China, South East Asia, Central and South America, our European team members caught a good number of big pikes with our MARS Somasi and Kayu


  • Besar besar ada kayu mundur mundur mundur