• In Keebow, everyone fish hard because we believe in fishing experiences and thorough testing.


  • When the toman master, Om Pen sent us this photo, he told us: "MARS Somasi 70RH is the most suitable toman rod I have ever used. With the rod, I was confident to land that 26lbs toman when it took my lure."


  • Those were the rods used during Gong Lei's recent trip. Some of them were test rods. There won't be any launch at all if they are not tested extensively!


  • Yesterday we got a phone call from Gong Lei. He told us his catch was not too bad. This monster large mouth bass was one of the fish he caught last week.#Somasi70RH


  • We've just received this photo from our pro staff who is still fishing in America. We are glad he is happy with the prototype rods. This MARS Somasi is the prototype lighter poundage rod compared to the current production model.


  • Another good size skygazer on MARS Somasi 70RMH


  • The new lighter poundage rod on testing stage can lift fish too!!!


  • Testing of MARS Somasi 70RMH in progress. #Somasi70RMH


  • Gong Lei is very particular with his tackle selection when he is targeting every single target fish. For alligator gars with lures, the actions and characteristics of MARS Kayu 71RFX are what he needs.


  • Martin was about to lift a big pike he caught with Keebow rod to the boat. Another nice catch, nice pose and a nice photo!!!!