• There has been so many Papuan black bass landed with MARS Kayu 71RFX. This doesn't stop here. It's an ongoing process.#Kayu71RFX


  • What a beautiful channa micropeltes caught by Om Pen. He told us MARS Somasi 70RH increases the chances of him landing big toman.#Somasi70RH


  • Mangrove jack is probably the 3rd most caught lutjanus by Gong Lei. How many big mangrove jacks has he caught using Keebow rods? Hmmmm.... only he knows.#Kayu71RFX


  • Gong Lei once told us this: "If the big fish doesn't bite now, just keep trying until she is fooled by you lure. Never give up". That's why we believe in NEVER STOP CASTING.#Somasi70RH


  • Whenever Pak Tan pairs up with our pro staff, Gong Lei, both of them makes fishing looks easy. Their teamwork is just unbelievable.


  • When he says he is going fishing, we all know he is not going for average sizes. The feedback we got from him after his trip was "MARS Somasi 70RH is more than enough for taimens of any sizes, even in rapids".


  • Whenever we have a chance to fish Chinese sea bass with Golden, he never fail to share with us on the techniques and tips on Chinese sea bass fishing. Unfortunately he only speaks Chinese which some of us are struggling to understand.


  • A photo a day keeps the doctor away! We, especially Gong Lei are trying hard to make sure we have a photo of a fish caught using our products every day. Nice channa micropeltes mate!


  • This pike is beautiful, isn't it? Thanks to Martin for contributing this awesome photo.


  • We haven't posted photos of Papuan black bass for several days. The rod used was no other than MARS Kayu 71RFX